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Individual lessons

At English World we teach a large number of individual courses for those adults and teenagers who are looking for a solution tailor-made to their language needs and often to their avialable time. Many people in the Valdarno work shifts in factories for example, or travel around Italy or further afield with their jobs. An individual course is the perfect solution for these students. Whether financed by their employers or by the students themselves, we offer lesson packages of ten or twenty hours, both of which are renewable.

It is also possible to pay for a smaller number of lessons for students looking to prepare for an interview for example, talk over a work presentation, practice their English for a holiday or any other reason.

Before beginning an individual course students take a test to evaluate their level so that the teacher has all the information necessary to prepare for their course. With individual courses the hours are flexible and can be arranged weekly depending on the student and the teacher’s other commitments.

We have effectively prepared many young students for exams at university and adults who have chosen to take Cambridge and TOEFL exams for work reasons, personal reasons or to improve their chances of finding work in other countries.

We have also taught a large number of CARTA ILA students at the school in individual courses as well as individual courses in companies for workers whose time is very restricted. Individual lessons via Skype are also possible.


Mob.: 320.55.69.541 info@englishworld.it