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Courses for Elementary school children

The teachers at English World have a great deal of experience teaching English as a second language. Children’s lessons are taught entirely in English to help children develop an ear for the language and help them to have good pronunciation, which is invaluable for their future studies.

The method of total physical response is adopted at this age, which makes the lessons dynamic, stimulating and really good fun. The children get involved in team games on the board, drawing, role playing, running and touching images, passing around resources, changing places, in addition to completing worksheets to evaluate and consolidate their learning.

There are 10 one hour lessons in every term, and from this school year, the focus of the courses will be to enable the children of between 7-10 years of age, to have their first conversations in English with other children. “Enough of colours and numbers, let’s chat!” With our enjoyable method which excites the children, they will learn how to ask the other students what their names are, how old they are, where they are from and what they like doing and what they are able to do. At the end of the course they will be able to produce small role plays to put together everything that they have learned and with the worksheets that they complete in class, they get to take home what they have learned in a way that they can review it later on.

Courses for the final year of Elementary school

We have put together a special course for the children who are in their final year at Elementary school. The course has been especially written to help them with the transition between elementary and secondary school, while retaining the same dynamic approach as the other elementary courses. The children study more grammar in this course, with a concentration on using it to speak and to understand the mother tongue English teacher. By practicing the grammar in this fun way, they will find it much easier to remember it and to understand it, which will be an enormous advantage when they go to secondary school.  As with the younger elementary school children, those preparing for secondary school will learn to speak, but in  addition they will begin to construct phrases by themselves due to understanding how the language is formed.

Dates and times of elementary school courses.
Elementary 7-9 years old – Mondays from 6pm to 7pm
Elementary 7-9 years old – Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm
Elementary 7-9 years old – Thursdays from 5pm to 6pm
Elementary 10-11 years old – Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm
Elementary 10-11 years old – Fridays from 5pm to 6pm

*Other times and dates are available on request. New courses are activated with a minimum of 4 children.


Mob.: 320.55.69.541 info@englishworld.it