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Culture Club

With the success of our book club meetings looking at English literature and how to discuss it, we decided to expand on the theme and to introduce the English Culture Club. The aim of the club is to offer events of a cultural nature responding to the interests of the club members (students or outsiders who just want to attend events without attending a course at the school).

Members or invited guests are welcome to come and give an evening presentation in English about their hobby for example, travelling, music, film or art, or to run workshops to demonstrate how to make things, tastings, walks, bicycle rides….the possibilities are endless and we more than welcome ideas from you.

Our regular cinema events at Cinema Masaccio together with our bookclub evenings will continue, but we would love to add to this.

We would also like to become a central information point for English events, and are happy to advertise the events of other schools and associations to our club members. We already do this on behalf of the Odeon cinema in Florence and the Florentine journal which organises guided tours in and around museums, galleries and workshops in Florence. We have attended several of these events and have found them to be very professional and interesting. We are also in contact with a group which offers aperitifs in English as well as meet up groups in Florence where people can go and chat in English for the evening.

We’ll keep you posted of more news and let us know if you hear of any relevant events that we can advertise or any ideas that you may have for creating a special evening or weekend event.


Mob.: 320.55.69.541 info@englishworld.it