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Christmas Culture Club (British English v American English)

Tuesday 12th December: the first Culture Club evening of the year is about to happen, after the enormous success of last year, where we began a series of themed get togethers, where adults of a high intermediate level, were able to come together to speak about a huge range of topics. If you have at least a B1 level of English (it is possible to arrange an oral test with one of our teachers to assess if you would be able to take part in one of our Culture Club evenings) come along to our Culture Club for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Last year we had packed evenings talking about the cinema, the history of rock music, a cheese tasting event and important women in history. Every evening takes place around small British flag tables, with a personalised place name, something to eat and drink, games, quizes and lots of chat in English,guided by mother tongue teachers and guests. For every evening we invite an expert along or somebody passionate about a particular subject. This time our fantastic teacher Emma, will be together with our great friend and ex American teacher Suzie. It will be great fun without doubt. The price is €15 for the 90 minutes everything included. Make sure you don’t miss it, if you want to practice your English in a fun and interesting way.


Mob.: 320.55.69.541 info@englishworld.it