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New Courses 2016

The school year begins in September at English world and our group courses start the first week of October. New courses can be activated however, at any point during the year, when we receive requests for courses that are already full or aren’t currently running. For this reason we have got three new courses beginning in the next few days. A new adult beginners level group will be starting twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday for an hour and a half every lesson, for a total of three hours a week and thirty hours for the course. At the end of the term, it will be possible to continue with another thirty hours, taking the participants towards the summer.

There are also two new children’s courses about to start due to the numerous number of requests for groups which are already full. On Saturday morning a new course of elementary school children will start, with dynamic games, which will help them to learn many new words and basic grammatical structures. We already have five groups of children of this age at the school. During the hour of the lesson, the children begin to understand the mother tongue English teacher and to adopt the correct pronunciation, which is so important, and begin also to become more confident in the use of this important language. The course will start at 11am every Saturday for a total of ten weeks, with the possibility to continue for another ten weeks, finishing before our fantastic summer camps.

For children between twenty months and three years of age, a second group is about to start on Thursdays at 5pm. Each lesson lasts for forty minutes and the children have to be accompanied by an adult (their mother, grandfather etc.) The children learn by means of songs, dances, fantastic colourful resources, the mystery box, puppets and many stimulating activities.

If you are interested in any of our new courses, don’t hesitate to contact us at 055 9330803.


Mob.: 320.55.69.541 info@englishworld.it