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Summer courses for adults

After 10 weeks of online courses due to COVID19, we are delighted to finally be able to offer courses for adults at the school, following all of the safety regulations.

We have been offering individual adult lessons since the start of June and now for the month of July, we are also able to offer standard English lessons in small groups, in closed groups of between 2-6 people and our summer conversation lessons and a series of special events for between 4-6 participants.

Our mother tongue teachers will be hosting evenings of conversation, divided into 3 levels. If you haven’t studied with us during the current school year, you will need to do a short 5-minute oral test, to discover which level is most suitable for you. Then, we will be able to tell you if your course will be on Monday or Thursday evenings. The courses run between 7.30 – 9.40pm and the minimum commitment is for just one evening of 60 minutes and a cost of €15, paid in advance to ensure that the evening goes ahead for everybody interested. If you book three evenings in advance, the price reduces to €40 (around €13 an evening); if you book 4 evenings in advance, the price is €50 (€12,50 for each lesson.) If you are interested, call us after 4pm every week day or on Saturday mornings from 10am to 1pm.

In addition, we have four very special evenings planned.

HAT CLUB – Thursday 9th July from 8.30 to 10pm alongside the river Arno.
The B2 level and above online conversation group Hat Club, came about due to the lockdown situation. With no good reason, the participants decided to wear hats of every type during the lesson, and as such it became a tradition and a pleasant evening that we all looked forward to, and which helped us to spend a fun evening together and to keep smiling notwithstanding the COVID19 Pandemic and what we were all personally experiencing. We have decided to continue online ‘Hat Club’ lessons even during the coming school year but to have face-to-face get togethers every now and then. Here is the first: Thursday 9th July, we will be meeting up at the school in Via Rosai at 8.30pm with everybody who has booked and paid for the evening. From there, we will walk together to the river where we will spend a pleasant evening, drinking prosecco and eating peanuts, and speaking in English. Several mother-tongue teachers will be present during the evening.
To take part in the evening it is necessary to have a high intermediate level of English. To evaluate your level, you can take a five-minute oral test. Ask for details at the school reception.

COMMON MISTAKES – Thursday 16th July from 8.40 to 9.40pm at the school.
There are many common words in Italian that are very difficult to translate into English. This is the perfect evening to start to understand how to translate some of them. If you think that the word ‘forte’ is always ‘strong’ in English, or that ‘simpatico’ is ‘nice’, this is the perfect evening for you. We will look at possible ways to translate ‘particolare’, ‘attuale’, ‘natura’, ‘cultura’, ‘confusione’, and not only: once you know how to translate them it will seem as if your level as improved dramatically.
Suitable for all levels from elementary and above.

PRONUNCIATION – Thursday 23rd July from 8.40 to 9.40pm.
We all know that the most difficult thing about the English language is the pronunciation.
If we manage to string a sentence together, it’s possible that we will be understood (if there aren’t words that sound similar to the way in which we badly pronounce those that we want to say) however, if we don’t know the correct pronunciation – and you can bet that it won’t be how the words are written, because English doesn’t work in the same way as the Italian language in terms of phonetics – it’s likely that we will struggle to understand when a mother-tongue speaker, speaks to us. Let’s learn some of the most useful sounds that will help us to understand the spoken word better. It will be fun and easy-going as usual and the evening will take place according to the safety guidelines issued by the government.
Suitable for all levels from elementary and above.

VERB TENSES – Thursday 30th July from 8.40 to 9.40pm.
What is the correct translation of the following sentence in Italian?
‘Sono andata in spiaggia.’ 1. I’ve been to the beach. 2. I went to the beach.
The answer? Both of them could be correct, but it depends on the context of the sentence. If you would like to finally understand when to use the past simple (which is not necessarily passato semplice in Italian) and the present perfect, we can help you during this special evening. As usual the evening will take place in accordance with government safety guidelines and will be light-hearted and enjoyable.
Suitable for all levels from elementary and above.


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