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Welcome the director of ‘Terra Nuova’

On Friday 16th November we were delighted to welcome the bi-lingual director of the magazine ‘Terra Nuova’, Nicholas Bawtree, for our fourth Culture club of this our tenth school year.

Nicholas spoke to us about the problems that a magazine produced by an independent publishing house faces. The problems include the lack of funding, the necessity of subscriptions to the web site and of publicity, a large staff of journalists, copywriters, proof-readers, graphic designers and printers.

We also spoke about how each of us collects information today, above all the news. The participants of the evening ranged between youngsters in their twenties to more mature people in their fifties and this resulted in notable differences of response: newspapers still featured among the older people, while newspapers and books were not among the chosen means of information gathering of the younger generation.

We also considered how printed information was checked numerous times before going to print for spelling or grammar mistakes and also as far as content is concerned, whereas for on-line information as Nicholas reminded us ‘comments often arrive before the truth.’

The evening was made even more pleasant thanks to a collaboration with the Molino negozio bio of Levane. They gave us a good bottle of red wine and lots of snacks, all of which were delicious. If you would like to visit the shop it is located on Strada Regionale 69.


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